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歌番号 000003
作者 よみ人しらす
作者標準 読人不知
性別 n
作者英文 Anonymous
題仮名 たいしらす
題英語 Topic unknown.
歌仮名 はるかすみ/たてるやいつこ/みよしのの/よしののやまに/ゆきはふりつつ@
歌岩波 はるがすみ/たてるやいづこ/みよしのの/よしののやまに/ゆきはふりつつ@
歌品詞 はるがすみ-名-春霞@/たて-タ四-已-立つ@る-完-体@や-係助-疑-係@、いづこ-代@/みよしの-名-み吉野@の-格助@/よしの-名-吉野@の-格助@、やま-名-山@に-格助@/ゆき-名-雪@は-係助@、ふり-ラ四-用-降る@つつ-接助@/@
歌ローマ harugasumi / tateru ya izuko / miyoshino no / yoshino no yama ni / yuki wa furitsutsu /
歌英語 where is it that the / warm mists of spring are rising-- / here on the slopes / of lovely Mount Yoshino / the snows continue to fall /
解釈 Yoshino in Nara Prefecture, famous for its natural beauties, often is modified by the decorative prefix "mi" (lovely, fair). The simplicity of expression of this anonymous poem contrasts with Taurayuki's more complex treatment in poem 2. However, not all anonymous poems are necessarily of an earlier age- some poets may have wished to remain anonymous because of the private nature of their poems, whereas others may have been delberately slighted by the compilers.

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