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歌番号 000008
作者 ふんやのやすひて
作者標準 康秀
性別 m
作者英文 Funya no Yasuhide
題仮名 にてうのきさきのとうくうのみやすんところときこえけるとき、むつきみかおまへにめしておほせことあるあひたに、ひはてりなからゆきのかしらにふりかかりけるをよませたまひける
題英語 ordered by the Nijo~ Consort (who was then known as Lady of the Bedchamber) to compose a poem about the snow falling on his head in the sunshine, as he stood in audience before her on the third of January.
歌仮名 はるのひの/ひかりにあたる/われなれと/かしらのゆきと/なるそわひしき@
歌岩波 はるのひの/ひかりにあたる/われなれど/かしらのゆきと/なるぞわびしき@
歌品詞 はる-名-春@の-格助@、ひ-名@の-格助@/ひかり-名@に-格助@、あたる-ラ四-体@/われ-代@なれ-断-已@ど-接助@/かしら-名@の-格助@、ゆき-名-雪@と-格助@/なる-ラ四-体@ぞ-係助-係@、わびしき-形シク-体-結@/@
歌ローマ haru no hi no / hikari ni ataru / ware naredo / kashira no yuki to / naru zo wabishiki /
歌英語 though I bask in the / comforting warmth of spring's light / how melancholy / to think that my hair now / wears a crown of winter snow /
解釈 The Nijo~ Consort, Takaiko, was mother of Yo~zei tenno~, who was Crown Prince when this poem was composed. "Spring" alludes to the Spring Palace, residence of the Crown Prince. The poem expresses gratitude for the Consort's favor ("spring's light"), as was appropriate at the New Year.

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