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歌番号 000018
作者標準 読人不知
性別 n
作者英文 Anonymous
題仮名 たいしらす
題英語 Topic unknown.
歌仮名 かすかのの/とふひののもり/いててみよ/いまいくかありて/わかなつみてむ@
歌岩波 みやまには/まつのゆきだに/きえなくに/みやこはのべの/わかなつみけり@
歌品詞 かすがの-名@の-格助@/とぶひ-名@の-格助@、のもり-名@/いで-ダ下二-用@て-接助@、みよ-マ上一-命@/いま-副@、いくか-名@、あり-ラ変-用@て-接助@/わかな-名@、つみ-マ四-用@て-完-未@む-推-終@/@
歌ローマ kasuga no no / tobuhi no nomori / idete miyo / ima ikuka arite / wakana tsumite /
歌英語 oh guardian of / the fields at Tobuhi / on Kasuga Plain / go out to look how many / days before we pluck new herbs /
解釈 In 712 Tobuhi field was made the site ofan installation to warn of military dangers. "Tobu hi" (leaping flames) may refer to military signal fires or to the burning of the fields by farmers. New greens plucked by women of the court on early spring outings were cooked and eaten to supplement the winter diet. It became customary to send a selection of seven or eleven herbs as a gift on the seventh day of the First Month.

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