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歌番号 000022
作者 つらゆき
作者標準 貫之
性別 m
作者英文 Ki no Tsurayuki
題仮名 うたたてまつれとおほせられしとき、よみてたてまつれる
題英語 Composed on command of the sovereign.
歌仮名 かすかのの/わかなつみにや/しろたへの/そてふりはへて/ひとのゆくらむ@
歌岩波 かすがのの/わかなつみにや/しろたへの/そでふりはへて/ひとのゆくらむ@
歌品詞 かすがの-名@の-格助@/わかな-名@、つみ-マ四-用@に-格助@や-係助-疑-係@/しろたへ-名@の-格助@/そで-名-袖@、ふりはへ-ハ下二-用@て-接助@/ひと-名@の-格助@、ゆく-カ四-終@らむ-現推-体-結@/@
歌ローマ kasuga no no / wakana tsumi ni ya / shirotae no / sode furihaete / hito no yuku ran /
歌英語 waving their pure white / hempen sleeves beckoning to / each other are these / maidens bound for Kasuga / Meadown to pluck the young herbs /
解釈 In an imperial anthology (chokusenshu~), when the source of the order to compose a poem is not specified, it may be assumed to be the reigning sovereign--Daigo tenno~ in the case of the Kokinshu~. The first three-and-one-half lines (will they pluck the young herbs of Kasuga Meadow--waving white hempen sleeves) are a jo, connected to the mam statement by the kakekotoba "furi" (to wave)/"furihaete" (expressly). This may be a screen poem, inspired by an illustration on a standing screen.

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