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歌番号 000028
作者 よみひとしらす
作者標準 読人不知
性別 n
作者英文 Anonymous
題仮名 たいしらす
題英語 Topic unknown.
歌仮名 ももちとり/さえつるはるは/ものことに/あらたまれとも/われそふりゆく@
歌岩波 ももちどり/さへづるはるは/ものごとに/あらたまれども/われぞふりゆく@
歌品詞 ももちどり-名@/さへづる-ラ四-体@、はる-名-春@は-係助@/もの-名@ごと-接尾@に-格助@/あらたまれ-ラ四-已@ども-接助@/われ-代@ぞ-係助-係@、ふりゆく-カ四-体-結-旧行く@/@
歌ローマ momochidori / saezuru haru wa / mono goto ni / aratamaredomo / ware zo furiyuku /
歌英語 the spring caroling / of myriad chirping birds / awakens each year / all is rejuvenated / while I alone grow older /
解釈 Momochidori was once taken to be the name of a variety of bird and was included among the mysteries of the Kokinshu~, the solutions to which were handed down in secret within aristocratic families. It is now interpreted to mean "all types of birds."

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