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歌番号 000042
作者 つらゆき
作者標準 貫之
性別 m
作者英文 Ki no Tsurayuki
題仮名 はつせにまうつることにやとりけるひとのいへにひさしくやとらて、ほとへてのちにいたれりけれは、かのいへのあるしかくさたかになむやとりはあるといひいたしてはへりけれは、そこにたてりけるうめのはなををりてよめる
題英語 One day the poet came, after a long absence, to a house where he often lodged on his pilgrimages to Hatsuse. The host sarcastically sent a message saying there was always room at his inn. Tsurayuki plucked a branch from aflowering plum by the door and composed this poem.
歌仮名 ひとはいさ/こころもしらす/ふるさとは/はなそむかしの/かににほひける@
歌岩波 ひとはいさ/こころもしらず/ふるさとは/はなぞむかしの/かににほひける@
歌品詞 ひと-名@は-係助@、いさ-副@/こころ-名@も-係助@、しら-ラ四-未@ず-消-終@/ふるさと-名@は-係助@/はな-名@ぞ-係助-係@、むかし-名@の-格助@/か-名@に-格助@、にほひ-ハ四-用@ける-詠-体-結@/@
歌ローマ hito wa isa / kokoro mo shirazu / furusato wa / hana zo mukashi no / ka ni nioikeru /
歌英語 the state of human / hearts I cannot know and yet / the blossoms of this / familiar village still greet / me with the scent of years past /
解釈 Hatsuse (Hase) Temple is located in Hase, Sakai City, Nara Prefecture; it was a popular temple among the aristocracy. This poem was the one poem by Tsurayuki chosen for Hyakunin isshu (One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets), edited by Fujiwara Teika.

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