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歌番号 000046
作者 よみ人しらす
作者標準 読人不知
性別 n
作者英文 Anonymous
題仮名 くわんひやうのおほむとききさいのみやのうたあはせのうた
題英語 From the poetry contest held at the residence of the Consort in the Kanpyo~ era.
歌仮名 うめかかを/そてにうつして/ととめては/はるはすくとも/かたみならまし@
歌岩波 うめがかを/そでにうつして/とどめてば/はるはすぐとも/かたみならまし@
歌品詞 うめ-名@が-格助@、か-名@を-格助@/そで-名-袖@に-格助@、うつし-サ四-用@て-接助@/とどめ-マ下二-用@て-完-未@ば-接助@/はる-名-春@は-係助@、すぐ-ガ上二-終@とも-接助@/かたみ-名@なら-断-未@まし-仮想-終@/@
歌ローマ ume ga ka o / sode ni utsushite / todometeba / haru wa sugu to mo / katami naramashi /
歌英語 oh that I could catch / and preserve the plums' perfume / in my gathering sleeves-- / such a souvenir it would / be of this spring's swift passing /
解釈 It is curious that this poem and three others from the contest should be included anonymously, since this poetry contest took place less than two decades earlier and the Kokinshu~ compilers were among the participants.

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